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OBM for refits

Advanced knowledge & experience are all crucial to ensuring that a refit project is successful. Project managers and captains are expected to put in a peak performance during this stressful period, and must be able to rely on their suppliers. The person with ultimate responsibility for the project chooses their partners based on clear agreements, understanding and mutual trust.

Onboard Marine is such a partner: we have unrivalled experience with tight delivery schedules and the extraordinarily high standards of work required for yachts. Moreover, we are very careful in our choice of partners for matters such as paintwork and teak delivery, requiring them to have clearly earned their stripes in the industry.

  • Refitting boarding equipment

    Refitting boarding equipment

    Why would you replace a component when overhauling/renovating/refurbishing is enough? Refurbishing has many advantages. The existing structure, including box, crane base and foundation can be kept, eliminating the need for additional welding on board....

  • New construction to existing spe

    New construction to existing spe

    If an old product is fit for purpose in terms of form and function but has become too worn to keep using, an overhaul will not be cost-effective. The best option can be to build the product again from scratch. Since much of the engineering has been completed....

  • New construction to new specs

    New construction to new specs

    Sometimes a refit involves such radical changes to the yacht that the old must make way for the new in a different part of the yacht. Examples include structural extensions, adding areas to the interior and the placement of new toys. In these cases, we start.....