Refitting boarding equipment

Why choose a refit?

Why would you replace a component when overhauling/renovating/refurbishing is enough? Refurbishing has many advantages. The existing structure, including box, crane base and foundation can be kept, eliminating the need for additional welding on board. There is no need for engineering or structural analysis: instead, you get an excellent opportunity to ensure that your hydraulic and electrical systems are up to date. After the overhaul, the product functions as new, and the modifications make it even better than the origin

Eight steps to a perfect refurbishment: our process plan

  1. Inspection/inventory on board    
  2. Offer formulation
  3. Removal of the product to be overhauled
  4. Transport to our workshop
  5. Overhaul
  6. FAT
  7. Transport back to yacht
  8. Installation and commissioning

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