Onboard Marine for service

We consider this value added by OBM to be the strongest link. While many suppliers stop their involvement as soon as the products are delivered to the warehouse, for us this moment is just another beginning. Our team of experienced technicians can offer you many benefits.

  • OBM for inspection & service

    OBM for inspection & service

    Maintenance, five-year surveys and malfunction repair are all activities in which we excel. Our network in the Med and use of our own technicians guarantee you peace of mind.

  • OBM for start-up & commissioning

    OBM for start-up & commissioning

    This is a natural part of our delivery service. If you still need to activate a system or have it activated, simply call us! We will know what to do.

  • OBM for system engineering

    OBM for system engineering

    We have the right tools to design a wide range of hydraulic solutions, from single-user systems to complex integrated hydraulics. Naturally, we can also provide you with the system hardware.

  • OBM for piping & installation

    OBM for piping & installation

    Combining a wide range of activities is a particular specialty of ours. A complex hydraulic system requires a firm focus on the smallest details. OBM technicians can tie things together at your site, guaranteeing that your system is functioning satisfactorily.